How Embarrassing and Expensive. How Embarrassing and Expensive. How Embarrassing and Expensive. How Embarrassing and Expensive.

I'm an odd bird


I do make work about mental illness, anxiety, chronic pain and social status. 

I do work exclusively with the self-portrait. 

I don’t make money or have representation.

My art-making is best described as a quote from my five year-old self who desperately wanted to be seated at the adult table,

                                         HOW EMBARRASSING AND EXPENSIVE!

I’ve been doing embarrassing and expensive things for a long, long time.


A few recent-ish accomplishments though,

My first art residency at SPAO. I paid for it. My artist talk is here.

I co-founded, 44.4 a feminist art mommy group in Ottawa, Ontario that I no longer participate in because that Groucho Marx thing about not wanting to belong to any club... also mania was involved also shame.

Hyperallergic write-up. Who cares, right? Totally.


Read my autobiographical CV, if you so desire!

All of the important stuff is highlighted or underlined



          Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana. 2006. MFA, Full-ride, btw!                                              

Columbia College. Chicago, Illinois. 2003. BA, Concentration Fine Art Photography and Creative Non-fiction Writing. Put myself through– took FOREVER ( had to drop out and had no $$$, became a live-in nanny and this was my first foray into, HOW EMBARRASSING AND EXPENSIVE.          $75,000 in college debt is gone thanks to my generous donors/in-laws, Linda and Jerry Griffin.



                                                                                                     Honerable Mention, Project X Photography Award. Ottawa Arts Council, 2021.

Exhibition Assistance Grant from Ontario Arts Council, 2020.

[Big 'ole gap here because I had a beautiful son on December 23, 2009 at 6:59 am and worked like a dog until I was diagnosed with fibromyalsia and stopped teaching in 2017]

Hon. Mention, Silver Eye Fellowship Competition. 2006. Silver Eye Center for Photography. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Juror: Rod Slemmons. So much potential, sigh.

Grant-in-Aid of Research. Spring 2006. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Friends of Art Graduate Award. 2005. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Arts and Sciences Scholarship. 2004–2006. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana. Full-ride and I got two year teaching experience!

Grant-in-Aid of Research. Fall 2004. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Arts and Sciences Scholarship. 2004–2005. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Grant-in-Aid of Research. Spring 2004. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Juror’s Award. Photography Midwest. 2004. University of Wisconsin Union Gallery. Madison, WI. Juror: Keith Carter.

Best in Show. Women’s Photographers’ Competition. 2004. Dreambox Foto Gallery. Chicago, Illinois.

SoFA Graduate Fellowship Recipient. 2003–2004. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Work-Study Scholarship Recipient. 2003. Penland School of Crafts. Penland, NC.



HyperAllergic. 2020.

 Diffusion IX. 2018

 2018 Poignant Portfolio #1. 2018.

McSweeneys. Online thing about people with weird jobs. Not a big deal but a dream come true. 2018.

Photographic Possibilities: The Expressive Use of Ideas, Materials and Processes, 3rd & 4th edition, p.70. 2009.

Shots Magazine. #94: Portfolio Issue. December 2006. Featured selected images and interview.

Selected Exhibitions

SPAO Gallery,  ‘I Don’t Know How to Connect To You' Ottawa, ON October, 2020 

NECTAR Mainworks Gallery. Ottawa, ON. 2018 NECTAR Artists Group Show.

Potter Gallery, Missouri Western State University.Saint Joseph, MO. Thread and Patchwork, 2016. 

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA. 2016. 

SPACE Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA. 2016 John Riegert. (Curated by Brett Yasko.)

Mine Factory Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA. 2016 No Vacancy: Mine Factory Artists 

Irma Freeman Center for Photography.Pittsburgh, PA. 2012. Through the Pinhole.

 Texas Photographic Society. San Antonio, TX. 2009–2011 Alternative Process Traveling Exhibition. Juror: Christopher James.

Motherhood. Pittsburgh, PA. 2009. FULL STOP.

Lapse in art making or exhibiting, constant breastfeeding, and no sleeping- still a professor though– barely.

Carnegie Museum of Art. Works on Paper Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA. 2009. Digital to Daguerreotype: Photographs of People curated by Linda Benedict Jones. This was such a cool thing for me. I thought it was the beginning,  it was really the end and the beginning.

Robert Morris University. Pittsburgh, PA. 2007. SPEMA Invitational, Faculty Show.

Silver Eye Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA. 2007. Two person show, New Works Gallery.

Houston Center for Photography. Houston, TX. 2007. Juror: Anne Wilkes Tucker.

Kinsey Institute. Bloomington, IN. 2007.
Kinsey Institute 2007 Juried Art Show.  I'm in this permanent collection.

Landmark Arts, Texas Tech University. Lubbock, TX. 2007. Beyond Printmaking

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center. Sacramento, CA. 2006. Visual Edge 2007: Handcrafted

Silver Eye Center for Photography. Pittsburgh, PA. 2006. Fellowship 2006

IU SoFA Gallery. Bloomington, Indiana. 2006. Tacking, Rigging & Weighting. (MFA thesis)

Schopf Gallery on Lake. Chicago, Illinois. 2005. 7 x 7

Spiva Center for the Arts. Joplin, MO. 2005. Photo Spiva. 

foto foto Gallery. Huntington, NY. 2005. Your Best Shot

Murray State University Eagle Gallery. Murray, KY. 2004. Perceptions

Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum. LaGrange, GA. 2004.

LaGrange National XXIII. Dreambox Foto Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 2004.

Women’s Photographers’ CompetitionUniversity of Wisconsin Union Gallery. Madison, WI. 2004.

Photography Midwest. 2004.

Murray State University Eagle Gallery. Murray, KY. 2003. Magic Silver

Flatfile Photography Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 2002. Memoire/Reve


Residencies, Workshops & Panels

SPAO Artist-in-Residence, 2020. Ottawa, Ontario

Frick Art & Historical Center. Pittsburgh, PA. (Panelist) Depth of Field, Processing the Work of Women Photographers. April 2015. Linda Benedict-Jones, moderator. Frick Art & Historical Center. Pittsburgh, PA. (Instructor) Platnium/Palladium Workshop, April 2015. Pittsburgh Filmmakers (Instructor) Contemporary Tintypes. June, 2012. F295 Symposium. Pittsburgh, PA 2008 (Assistant) · Wet Collodion with France Scully Osterman
· Contemporary Tintype with Jill Enfeild Indiana University Overseas Program. Venice, Italy. Studied Printmaking and Bookmaking techniques at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica. Summer ‘05. Photographer’s Formulary. Condon, MT. Summer 2004. Daguerreotypes: A Contemporary Approach with daguerreotypist and photographer, Jerry Spagnoli. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana. 2004. Organized and assisted artist lecture and salt/albumen print workshop with photographer Dan Estabrook. Penland School of Crafts. Penland, NC. Summer 2003. The Constructed Image with photographer Jim Henkel. Jobs

Carnegie Mellon University. College of Fine Arts. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 8.2007–present. Adjunct Instructor

  • B&W Photography I
  • Color Photography & Digital Output
  • Antiquarian Avant-Garde/Large Format Photography!
  • Photo Documentation for Industrial Design Students

Indiana University. Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts. Bloomington, Indiana. 2007–present.
Adjunct Associate Instructor
S291: Fundamentals of
b&w Photography. Indiana University. Collins Living-Learning Center. Bloomington, Indiana. 2006.
Visiting Instructor
Pinhole techniques and salt printing workshops.
Indiana University. Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts. Bloomington, Indiana. 2004–2006.
Associate Instructor
S291: Fundamentals of
b&w Photography. Columbia College. Art & Design Department.
Chicago, Illinois. 2002–2003
Assisted photography professors in the following alternative photographic courses: Pinhole Photography, Experimental Techniques I and 19th Century Printing Processes. Moni- tored students and maintained lab facilities during open lab hours. PURE BLISS.
Chicago, Illinois. 1998–1999.
Assisted photography professors in darkroom intensive courses: Fundamentals of b&w Photography, and Fundamentals of Color Photography. Monitored students and maintained the lab facilities during open lab hours.
works, made and filed slides.